Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vermicopost Bin

I got worms! Score!! Thanks to Alica and Ramon for getting me started on my worm venture...or vermicomposting.

I've decided to start vermicomposting because I wanted to have and maintain an organic garden in my small apartment patio....I'm guesstimating 90 sq/ft. I figure with our limited space in the patio, I wanted to use as much space to actually garden, and conventional composting would take up too much space. So, vermicoposting fit my situation perfectly.

 This is my vermicomposting bin my husband bought me. It cost about $75 with everything including shipping. Really pricey, but hey, it was a birthday present! Is it me or is it weird to be excited to get worms and a worm bin for your birthday?

The worms will be living it up in this "worm condo".

Here are the new tenants of the bin. This was about 200 worms. I got 1000 more a couple weeks later.

After a few days of checking the bin. I've noticed the roof of the bin is getting really moist. Also, a few of the worms looks like their trying to escape. I just place them back into the bin. Within a few months I will have organic fertilizer for my garden plants. I'll update periodically.

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