Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Update

Updates are difficult for me, so I'm making it my goal to at least update once a week, even if it's a short update. So, first on the list of things is the temperature for the week and the growing cucumbers. The weather looks like it's going to be a bit cooler this week compared to last week and the cucumbers are growing pretty well. There are so much flowers and tiny little cucumbers. so cute!

baby cucumbers
cucumber flower

The green beans are growing like crazy compared to everything else I've ever planted. This is the first time growing runner beans. I figure I would try to have it run on our patio gate. They're growing in the same pot that I've planted the lime trees and some marigold.

green beans in pot

The lettuce is still growing great. I can't believe they haven't bolted yet. It's been really hot the past 2 weeks. I'm not quite sure the varieties, they were from a lettuce green mix.
baby lettuce greens

baby lettuce green

Mustard greens are so interesting. The colors and the taste. I took a bite, and it tastes exactly like mustard!!, but not us strong. I love mustard! 

mustard leaf

The tomatoes went into my stew tonight. There was a split on one of them. 

tomato harvest from volunteers

The zinnias are growing bright and cute. They're tiny little flowers, only about an inch and a half wide. 

zinnia lilliput

zinnia lilliput

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